Sunday, June 20, 2010

jeju and back

Sorry for the long delay. I keep meaning to sit down and write about the end of my trip but it just seemed so daunting. After I finished the last posting I went out and hit up some waterfalls. It was raining on and off, but at least it was warm. After walking all morning and afternoon I was tired and needed to sit somewhere dry. I found out where Gecko's Jeju was, which was annoyingly a 25 minute cab ride away. I didn;t realize it would be so far, we are on a tiny island no? There were 5 people in Geckos. Me, a korea couple, and two waiters. Party on Jeju. i had a beer then head out again to do some resort hopping. After making my way down the highway in high winds, I get to the resort area. it's spitting rain on me. The sidewalks here are made of polishes lava, beacuse that's smart on an island where it's warm, it rains a lot, and there are lots of beach go-ers in flips. I bit it. I bit it hard. The smooth polish with the rain with the flips = disaster. I must have looked like bambi the first time he stepped onto that frozen pond. Let's just say after this little incident I had had enough. Screw you Korea. Screw you Jeju. Let's party.

Took the bus up to Jeju CIty (an hour and half, damn this island is so much bigger than I thought) and found a new hotel. The Korea Greece World Cup was about to begin and I wanted to find somewhere good to watch it. Koreans love their soccer. Everyone was super decked out in devil horns and red and just partying it up in the streets. I met some nice Canadian boys and hung out with them. Late into the evening one of the guys offered to walk me home. Sure why not. He had to stop to buy something at GS25. While he was inside, I guess Igot bored or unsure of this guy (although it's hard to tell as my memory of this is a little vague) and I boltd. I ran. I ran around corners and down alleys. I'm shocked I was able to find my way home, and there was no way in hell he could have found me. So, if he happens to be reading this, sorry for ditching you at the GS25, Scott. ha.

The last day in Jeju was the best. Sunday I missed my race, woke up at 10, it started at 9 and was an hour away, but that's ok as I was too tired to run anyway. I went down to where the race was and hung out. Had some porridge, met a few foreigners and hit the beach. Aza the sun is actually out. Me being hungover and in a tizzy on the way out of the hotel room forgot sunblock. Beach fail. So I ended up getting a little pink, but it was nice to have some color. I was beached out by 3 and decided to take a bus to another area on the West COast. I forget the name of the town now, but it was adorable. Tiny street of minbocks (hotels), and restayurants and a totally beautiful beach. I got a sick room and stayed the night. This was my favorite part of Jeju. It was quiet and scenic and i felt like I was on a quiet deserted beach in Northern Cali.

But all vacations must come to an end. I flew home MOnday night and I must admit it was nice to be back and just relax for a week. Between touring with my parents and going to Jeju I was pretty nonstop for 2 weeks. Break.

Back to the grind. This is Ben teacher's last week and I have to work 6 days!!! I'm now teaching a class on Fridays (not sure how long this'll last) and this Saturday they have an open class they want me to teach. It's only 4 hours and we're making umbrellas, but I'm really not looking forward to working 6 days in a row!!! Wish me luck

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