Wednesday, June 9, 2010

M c Ps final days

So on Saturday, Mom, Dad, Dave (roommate) and I ventured down to Jeonju. Jeonju is known for Korea's best food and magkeolli. Two of my favorite things, no? So we toured around this lovely town, saw the cute temples, palaces, traditional style buildings, then hit the magkeolli restaurant. WOW is all I can say. Jeonju is known for it's bibimbap (veggies and rice) which we had for lunch, but that had nothing on the magk place. You order a kettle of magkeolli for 12,000 won and they bring you no less than 20 sides (I counted!). Then they bring pajeon, and al tang, and rice and kim and crab. It doesn't end. At the end of the "meal" we were stuffed, ate less than half of what they brought us (which includes, squid, eggs, kimchi, tofu, silk worm larva, snails, fish eggs and onions, and way more I can't remember at the moment). It was insane. After 3 kettles of magkeolli and more food than I have ever seen, we were ready to go.

What an awesome day though! If you're ever in Korea, go to Jeonju, or at least somewhere in the Jeolla province!!


After this we did a dinner with my friend Chee-ha (his dad is running for Korea pres in 2 elections from now!!), the Namsan Tower, lunch at Indigos, a lunch at the fish market (parents first sashimi), and tongiht we went out with my business class. It was my last class (after 8) and they took us out to this old Korean house that's been turned into a restaurant in Bundang. I have never been ehre before, but it was lovely. Great food, great company, and now I am super sad to see my parents go. It seems they were here so quickly!!!

BUT tomorrow I go to Jeju!!!!! yeah beach vacay!!!!!! Going to hit the beach and hit it hard! No plans on where to stay or what to do, but I guess I'll figure it out when I get there!

Happy Thursday!

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