Wednesday, June 23, 2010


I've been pretty lame about posting recently, eh? I'll try to get a few up a week. So, get ready for this, I'm going to be a food writer! Dan from (check out my review of La Vert) sent out a message saying he was looking for contributors to Groove magazine. I wrote back asking what I needed to do, do I need a writing sample etc., and he said nope, I know you can write, go out and do it! So this Sunday Krissy, Carolann and I are going to Mi Amor a Mexican place near my school for some tacos and sangria, and then I'll review it. And then hopefully I'll be published. haha we'll see.

Today is Ben teacher's last day. He's sick of teaching, especially at our school because the kids are so ill behaved. But seriously, aren't all kids? Anyway, new teacher Marcus from England starts next week. Fingers crossed he's cute :) Tomorrow I have to work the new Friday gig, ew. But then I'm meeting with Ms. Han. I've missed her! Then Saturday I have to work too! it's an open class day so I'll I have to do is decorate umbrellas (random, no?) for 4 hours and I get lunch. Then an engagement party and a going away party. Busy weekend!!!

Did you watch the game last night?? How exciting to score in over time. I went to a foreigner bar, Roofers, and they projected the game on a big wall on the roof. It was pretty cool. They played the England game downstairs at the same time. As soon as that game was over all the Englishmen came up to gloat, and then what happened? WE SCORED!!! Americans be going nuts.

Time for work...I miss when Thursdays were my Fridays...


  1. 一定要保持最佳狀況呦,加油!!!期待你發表的新文章!.................................................................