Thursday, March 17, 2011

Further Proof Koreans Rule

Today after class with Ms. Han and Terry, I went over to Dunkin Donuts for a little study sesh. First off, I studied a full 3 hours and got a ton finished, so that was exciting within itself. I packed up and started to leave when a Korean woman chased me down and handed me a wadded up cheonwon (1,000 won, < $1). I never in a million years would have noticed I dropped it, and even if I did, it was only a dollar and wouldn't go back to look for it. But she booked it to make sure I got that buck back. Tell me that would happen anywhere else in the world!

After getting my buck back I head home for a 9k run!!! That's run #2 this week. Yey, beer gut be gone! Although today is St. Patty's so I am going to go drink it all back. You win some you lose some.

Wooo these next few weeks are gonna be killer! I just started a Mon/Wed 10-12 kindy (an hour away) and picked up like 8 new classes at BHive, where each class is 2 hours. I had to drop all of my blowfish tutoring which was sad, but it will save me 6 hours in commuting time a week! Then I picked up a new business English class Tues/Thurs nights which is awesome. It's all these old government workers who sit around and make fun of each other's English. "You 30 and single? ha ha ha." "You work dis company 30 years? ha ha ha." They're awesome.

Alright off to shower, teach some bus eng, and booze it at a non Irish bar. The Wolf just gets too busy on St. Pday. Happy St. Paddy's!

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