Wednesday, March 23, 2011


So I know it's snowing back home and I probably shouldn't bitch, but I'm going to. IT"S MARCH! It should be warming up! It's a big fat 0 here today! BOOO. The only good thing is that I'm working all the time so I don't have time to feel the cold anyway!

Oddly, my new busy schedule has hugely increased my studying. I guess now that I have limited spare time, I'm actually using it wisely. Old Lauren with 400 free hours a day used to walk a lot. Instead of the bus, I would walk an hour or so to wherever I had to go. Now I subway and bus, where I reread my notes, and use my spare 30 or so minutes to get through a few pages of text. Ive also been coming home every night at 9 and watching an hour of CFA video. Last night 2 videos. Perhaps I do have a shot at passing this! Although I certainly feel less prepared than last time. 2+ months left....

Anyway, besides that this week has been pretty unexciting. Oh except Sunday night when Paul was puking all night. I guess he got food poisoning, poor thing, but luckily I somehow avoided it. The only things we ate differently were quail eggs (and I did have a bite) but I ate them today and I was fine. Anyway, a night of bootin and he's fine now.

Tomorrow is Ms. Han in the AM! I totally look forward to seeing her, and I'm pretty sure we're going out to lunch tomorrow. This weekend should be pretty low key as everyone's gone. A friend is having a birthday party in the Hangang park Saturday and Sunday we're doing Sunday Funday at the fish market for Brooke's going away. Yumm! Happy hump day!

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