Wednesday, March 30, 2011

yellow dust blows

After 1.6 years in Korea, I am thoroughly convinced weather/sicknesses are totally intertwined with NJ weather/sicknesses. Exhibit A: It snowed last week. Exhibit B: my poor mother just went through terrible surgery to fix her cough/sinuses and her nose has been runnin like a faucet ever since. Well, mine too! Koreans may blame China's yellow dust, but I blame the NJ/Seoul connection for this one.

I took some over the counter sinus infection medicine (twas quite the show at the pharmacy. Pointing from my nose out to my cheeks aka sinuses, and getting the response "eye creama?" I finially found a woman who got my drift) and have been a total zombie ever since. As I left work today (at 6 30 mind you- my earliest night) he says, "long day?" ha actually my shortest! It was a struggle forming full sentences with my 7th grader. She was cool with it though.

I put in my official resignation with BHive yesterday. They knew I wouldn't be there forever, but they didn't know I was leaving for good in June. They were sad, mostly because they only have 2 teachers now, me and Krissy, but BOY are they going to be....i dont even know what....when they find out Krissy's leaving Korea the same week as me. They're out! I'm trying to find replacements but a) everyone I know has left b) people I do know have jobs. This is the sickest job in Korea though, and if I were working at a hagwon I would bail for it. Some people just aren't as smart as me. ha.

Alright I've had a couple glasses of wine, obviously, on my sinus pills and it's off to meet Brooke for her final goodbye :( she takes off for Texas on Friday. Another one bites the dust.

Another one bites the dust....

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