Thursday, July 28, 2011

Here's Hoping for Sun Tomorrow

"I want to fly like an eagle....this song was written about me." -Paul on paragliding. If it's sunny tomrrow we're jumping off a mountain with parachutes!!

If not so sunny, renting bikes and having a Nepalese Wish a Fish pot for lunch. Asa. Today we're finally back on the track to health. Apparently everyone that goes trekking ends up sick after; me with stomach, Paul with fevers and throat. In order to celebrate renewed health, and to promote it, because kimchi fixes everything, we went out for our Korean bbq lunch. IT WAS LEGIT!! Real Korean food in Nepal, who knew!? And the owner lives in Hannam, which is a 30 minute walk from my old (tear) apartment in Haebongcheon. Small world it tis.

Now it's happy hour. 2 for 1 cocktails, sausage, popcorn and wifi. Life is Good.

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