Tuesday, July 19, 2011

India By The Numbers

52 hours spent on the train
5 states visited
2 World Heritage sights (Elephanta Island and the Taj Mahal)
780 photos taken
1 injury warrenting a hospital visit (don't cut avocados at 3am), but didnt
30+ hours spent on the bus
2 bottles of wine
2 pees on average per day...countless trips to the bathroom, however
3 nights spent in the bathroom
4.25 books finished (Lauren)
3 books (Paul)
2 shirts given away, ya know, to lighten the load
1 birthday celebrated
2 flights taken
1 anniversary celebrated (only fancy pants meal)
15 hotels stayed in
6 afternoons spent at pools
1 waterfall jumped off
1 hummus pita
5 pizzas, 2 of which were edible
4 = average days wearing the same outfit

Most Expensive/Shittiest Hotel = Hotel City Palace, Mumbai
Cheapest/Nicest (with a pool!) = Hotel Shree Palace, Pushkar
Best Meal = tie, hummus pita and fancy pants meal in Jodhpur
Best Indian Meal = Veg Jal Frizy in Calagute, Goa
Most Enjoyable City = Udaipur, Rajasthan
Coolest Fort = tie, Amer Fort, Jaipur, and Jodhpur Fort
Best Sight = Taj Mahal at sunrise
Most Dead People = Varanassi
Best Picture = Paul charming a cobra
Worst Walk = Seeing a cobra, Bundi Fort
Most Monkeys = Monkey Temple, Jaipur, Rajasthan
Best Travel Companion = Harry Potter on ipod....and Paul
Most Rain = Kerala

We finally made it to Nepal! 13 year old girl moment: OMG!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE Nepal. Ok. But really, Nepal is beautiful! After 2 hellacious bus rides yesterday, we are in Tansen. Tansen is a mountain top village, pretty untainted by tourists. We have a lovely hotel, with a lovely balcony and unlike India, there's booze on every corner! ha. The temperature is just perfect, probably mid to high 70s, and the mountains are GREEN.

Flashback to the bus. Bus 1 to the border was supposed to take 2.5 hours; it took 5. And it was approximately 3 billion degrees, no AC of course. Then from the border, which is super lax, we took a bus another 2 hours to go about 1km. We went, stopped for 30 mintutes, moved 2 feet and stopped for 30 minutes. Again, this is super fun and added bonus, heat stroke. Little did we know, we had the most perilous/extradinarily beautiful ride ahead of us. The last 2 hours and we were in another world. Our minu bus drove through windy mountain roads, no guardrails, and surrounded by waterfalls, rivers and the most lush greenery! It was worth the wait.

Tomorrow we're taking a 5 (hopefully) hour bus on the same amazing "highway" up to Pokara, where we plan to spend 1 week trekking and 1 week relaxing by the lake.


  1. Looking forward to hearing about Nepal! I hope there's AC and wine in your near future :) Miss you! xo

  2. Aw thanks! No wine thus far, and thankfully, no need for AC! I miss you tons and I've been planning my Christmas trip in my head! Hopefully you'll be near by; NJ or PA, I'm hitting both! xoxo