Wednesday, July 20, 2011


First off, India wouldn't let me leave that easy. After the nightmare million degree bus rides, I got sick. Dehli Belly finally caught me. As if that weren't enough we had a 5(turned out to be 6) hour bumpy bus ride in the morning after I'd been up sick all night. Fun times let me tell you. I am finally feeling better and don't get totally nausous every time I smell food. I was even able to get some pizza down for dinner last night!

Anyway, the ride, despite the stomach issues, was amazing! It had been raining the entire night, which, let's be honest, scared the crap out of us that our bus would be washed down the side of a mountain, but it wasn't. The rain caused hundreds and hundreds of waterfalls! We drove through the clouds through what looked to be how the world was before we settle it. When there were houses, they were all straw thatched with bamboo fences, kind of reminds you of ancient Ireland (on account that it's so green). It was really spectacular and we got our first glimpse at some of the rivers we could go rafting down; and boy water was moving!

Pokhara tunrs out to be totally different that I imagined it. It's a small city at the base of several mountains with a lake in the middle. It's hugely touristy though. If you go trekking in Nepal, this is where you start, so there are travel agencies, shops, hotels and foreign restaurants galore. And it's expensive. I'm talking 3-4x pricier than Tansen. We went out for pizzas and beers last night; 1 pizza, 3 beers, and it was $10!! We're used to $2 meals haha. My, how quickly your idea of expensive changes.

Tis a bit overcast now (it's only 8 am) and was raining most of the day yesterday, if this keeps up we're not sure if we'll go trekking. Trekking is difficult logistically too. Today we'll find out more, but from what we gather you need to hire a porter to carry your stuff (I'm not carrying my 14kg pack for miles!), or send your stuff via truck to your end destination, hmm, then what do we carry?? A purse? Then you need to hire a guide, pay for guesthouses and food along the way. Apparently this can get quite pricey. So we'll see. I feel like you can't go to Nepal and not do a trek though!

There are a ton of Korean restaurants here!!! Now that my stomach is better I think it's galbi tonight!!

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