Friday, July 29, 2011


Since trekking we've just been taking it slow and kicking it in Pokhara. We're still waiting to hear when we're going rafting; I guess tomorrow or the 1st. But who knows? No one tells us anything! It's gorgeous here with lots of Western/international food options and happy hours. Yes, happy hour. Oh how I've missed you. We found one happy hour at T'Hic T'Tak where it's 2 for 1 cocktails with imported salami and popcorn! These things haven't existed in my life in 2+ years! We went back for dinner last night and got this delicious fish/potato stone pot meal that was to die for. Definitely the best meal of the trip. I'm just excited I can eat again without being sick!

It wasn't sunny enough for paragliding so yesterday we rented bikes for the day and pedaled out to a cave and Devi's Falls. Of course the second we get there it starts to rain. Hard. The cave was pretty lame and 80% of it was closed due to monsoon, story of our trip. You walk down a few stairs to this plaster looking little cave, dripping water, to see a cow statue. Hmmm, then keep going down the real cave and see a temple. No offense to Hinduism, but been there, seen that like 500 times over in India. Next. We crossed the street in the pouring rain and went over to Devi's Falls. Apparently back in the day David (Devi in Nepali) fell into the falls and brought his girlfriend with him, never to be seen again. And you can tell why! This is a massive rush of water that pours over a cliff straight down into the Earth and disappears. I suppose it flows into an underground river. It was pretty impressive and we felt a part of it on account we were so wet.

We ran into this brother sister team the other day. They were the ones who suggested we go hiking sans guide, and we suggested they stay at our lovely hotel. When we ran into them again they had just returned from a yoga ashram. This is something I had wanted to do in India, but we never quite got around to it. They said it was phenomenal. This is embarrassing to say, but I haven't done yoga since I've been in Asia. There's something wrong with this; I used to do it all the time in DC. So, talking to Bethanny and Steve (he enjoyed it!) got me excited, and the fact that Paul is horrified at spending a whole day at a yoga ashram just adds to the excitement. We don't have time to do it here in Pokhara as we may have to leave for rafting at any moment, but I have emailed some places in Kathmandu and they've been most accommodating. Ideally we'll got for 2 days, Paul's pushing for 1, but he's being a good sport. I can't wait to see him try to sit cross legged for more than 2 minutes. You should see the poor guy at Korean restaurants when we have to sit on the floor- ha.

The schedule is pretty intense. You wake up at 5am for morning yoga/meditation. Then have breakfast,all vegan of course, do some Karma yoga which includes farming or picking rice or something- ha, and it goes on like this through the day when you finally retire at 8pm. I can't wait. Soul and body cleansing!

So today is a lazy day. We're on a quest for new books, so we're going to hit up as many hotels as we can to try to find some good ones. Then probably hit up the salami happy hour and call it a night. I don't think we've stayed up past 11 on this entire trip. I suppose good preparation for real life in HK, which begins 2 weeks to the day!!! Doesn't feel like we've been here for 7 weeks, although doesn't seem like I've been in Korea forever either...

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