Saturday, July 9, 2011

No doubt....

...the monsoon has found us again!! It's 2 weeks early and we're still getting rained on. We checked out of our hotel, had breakfast, walked, finally found a pool, swam for 30 minutes and then it struck. Buckets of rain, thunder, lightening, the whole deal. It finally ended, we had our favorite Paneer Kebab with a game of Uno and were on our merry little way to Bundi.

The bus was amazing. Got on, had what's essentially a large coffin of a seat, laid down with Harry Potter on the ipod and were out! No sooner had we closed our eyes than someone was banging on our coffin door telling us we 5:30am.

Bundi's been quite nice. Small, and still pre-tourist season so it's pretty abandoned. We rented bikes yesterday which was awesome. I hadn't been biking in ages, and my butt can vouch for that today. For dinner we hit up Tom & Jerry's which promised WiFi. They didn't have it. Tried to get a veg burger. Didn't have it. Mixed curry. Nope. Cream pasta. Uh nah. Finally the owner confessed they had just opened the restaurant the day before for the season and all they had were pizza and tomato pasta. Fine, one of each. Bad idea. They were clearly both made with processed canned crap, didn't taste good, and as it turns out, induced Paul's first Indian illness. He spent the night in the bathroom. I spent the night under the mosquito net.

After some dry chapati and bananas for breakfast (I went on a breakfast bike ride for ingredients!) he's on the way to recovery. But yeah, this whole lack of tourist thing is tough on our stomachs. Tried to get muselli curd w/ fruit for lunch. Muselli=300 year old cornflakes. Paul got veg noodles=rameyon with some potato. Hopefully dinner pans out better.

Today we'll hit the fort here, did I mention it rained all morning? Sunny now, then tomorrow a local waterfall we can swim under then it's a 5pm 12 hour train ride to Agra!

Agra, although we've heard shady, has several restaurants where we believe we can find sushi and Korean. God willing.

PS my birthday is in less than a week. Hold on to your diamonds and chocolate...forecasted location; Varanassi.

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