Thursday, July 15, 2010


I think I like kids. I don't know when it happened. Sometime in the past week or so. But the little buggers are growing on me. On Wednesday I brought in a cake and a bunch of the kids brought me presents!! Sunny Teacher gave me a bottle of wine, Martin brought me a fondue fork set thing, I got some bracelets, candy, and the best was from Nina. She has to miss my class every Wednesday for a cooking class. She knew it was my birthday so her mom called the cooking class teacher and special requested they make birthday cake!! So she brought me cake warm out of the oven, a notebook, bracelets, lollypops and a really sweet note. Who knew kids could be so thoughtful!? They all agreed I was their favorite teacher (because I brought chocolate cake) and then best of all, all went on a school field trip today. All of my classes except my last were cancelled because the kids were at the pool, so I didn't have to be at work until 3. Asa!!! Class today was exceptional too. There were 7 or so kids and I showed them all my friends on Facebook, shared sour patch kids with them (from Maria and Chetta!!) and we grew dinosaurs. My friend DC gave me dino eggs last night. You put them in water and they grow into dinosaurs, it's pretty sick.

Dinner last night was exceptional. Emily had been planning it and wouuldn't tell me where we were going. We walk up to Itaewon and stop at Praha. I love Praha. I had only been once before, probably 8 months ago, on a date with a Korean dude. Emily crashed the date (it's how we roll here) so it was more a group dinner. I had scallops and pumpkin and a delcious dunkel, but hadn't been back since. Last night there was a group of 10 or so of us, and oh my god, best dinner in a long time!!! The beers here are exceptional, which is a luxury in Korea. Usually you have a choice between Cass, Cass and Cass. But here they have small dark micro brew- yum!!! SO all of my best friends are sitting around the table and we get delicious beers, bread and pesto. Carolann and I started with an eggplant cheese thing. It was the best thing I have probably ever eaten. Henry, it beats the panko crusted eggplan from Mei N Yu. Uhhh I am totally going back next week for it!! Then I got "sparrow" with potatoes. Im no bird expert, but this was no sparrow. It was 2 huge chnkers of meat, I'm guessing pork. It was good, and very typical Eastern European. Everyone agreed their food was awesome, but perhaps abit overpriced, which is awesome on your birthday when you dont pay :) Then Emily and Jeff disappear for a few minutes only to reappear with a chocolate ganache ColdStone cake. It was sooo good. I probably ate half of it on my own. We had all stffed our faces at dinner though and couldn't finish it. When does that ever happen!? Emily and Dave are the best roommates/friends you could have. They totally made my night. Oh and Chee brought me a bottle of Bailey's! ahhh bestill my heart. Oh and best of all Jeff came from out of town to celebrate. He usually sleeps on our couch once a month when he visits, but he made a special trip and bought me flowers at the bar!!!

Then we proceeded on to this new bar At First Sight. This place is awesome. It was touted in Groove Magazine (wait for my review of Praha, coming soon!) as the new/best cocktail bar in Korea. We went and ordered pitchers of mojitos. I haven't had one since I';ve been in Korea. They're not big on fresh herbs here. But holy god these were good. I think between 10 of us we went through 5 or so pitchers in an hour.

It was an absolutely wonderful birthday!!! I think i had the perfect day bewteen school and dinner and going out. I love my friends here, and I miss you all at home so much, but I'm so glad to have found the aweome people I have here.

With that said, home in less than 2 months!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! America, F yeah.