Thursday, July 29, 2010

some silly things about korea

stop lights are optional. as are helmets, seatbelts, and general safety.

everyone's "favorite food" is kimchi even though no one seems to really like it (except me)

it's like kurosh's house; no shoes!

you must have bangs

shorter your shorts the better, but you better not show shoulder

you must wear glasses even if the lenses are plastic

don't talk about sex, it doesn't really exist unless, that is, you're married. in which case you should have no less than 3 mistresses.

passing out anywhere is OK and encouraged

you're not allowed to pour your own drink or turn one down

we are all slaves to the traffic lights (pedestrians)

korean's can't walk in straight lines. and they have sharp elbows

the harder you push on the subway the better

there are english teachers galore, yet no one speaks english