Thursday, July 8, 2010

poor ms han

Ms. Han mentioned her father-in-law was not doing very well at all. She said her husband and three brothers would all have to go to the hospital today to make some serious decisions. I guess Dad couldn't wait around long enough for that.

I sent Ms. Han a text saying "thanks again for dinner, it was fun."

her response: "dad dead."

eehhh. I don't know if this is necessarily a bad thing. He seemed to be in tough shape and wasn't going to get any better, but still, he was only 71. I offered to help in anyway, but I don't know what that would be. Poor thing!

Anyway, it's Thursday night, which means ladies night. Free drinks everywhere. I'm supposed to go out with the new boy, but I'm getting shit for it from my friends, so I thik I'll just drag him along. All his friends are in Busan anyway. Have a good ladies night back in the US!!

Oh and update on the computer. I guess in my blackout stage I somehow dumped a ton of water onto it. I brought it to the service center, they took one look at it and said water damage. Shit. Why am I such a bad drunk!!!?? So man is definitely down but lovely Henry has agreed to send me his old ibook. Hopefully it will get here soon. Emily's probably sick of me borrowing her computer all the time!

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