Monday, July 12, 2010

swim success

Good morning. It's Tuesday on what appears to be a sunny morning, although they're calling for rain all week. I had a lovely weekend of sun as well. Saturday am I get up at 9 am because I'm hungry. I get dressed and start walking up the street to get some bread, who's sitting outside Family Mart except Ben and John from trivia night, and Steve and Jeremy from Philly's. Oh and some drunken Korean woman who can't seem to pick her head off her knees. They proceed to hand me beers, and let's just say by 12 when I'm supposed to meet the swim group, I already had a good buzz going on. Liz, James and James' friend and I all meet and we're headed for the river...

With my buzz going I am super pumped about the swim and i let everyone on the subway know it! We had a group of 17, the largest so far, and we jumped in. Unfortunetly Chee and his buddy DC didn't make the entire way. They went 1/2 and turned back, a Han river swim first! The four girls dominated the swim though!! Even though it's not a race, we were a solid 300 meters in front of the boys the whole time. 30 minutes later and we made it without skim irritation (surprisingly) to the other side; Jamsil. We all celebrated with chicken, beer and watermelon (i know, i know) and then it was time to go out!!!

I met up with Em at home and we went to meet the boys, after a serious scrub down fyi. Her new boyfriend Luke, brother Jarrad and friend Richard are all super tight, and the dude I'm seeing is sliding seemlessly into their group. By the time we get to Luke's at 8, they're already pretty drunk, and they'd only been awake since 4!!! But we all go out and have a good time regardless of the sobriety differences.

Sunday's another funday. Newbie and I go out to tacos then head to the World Cup stadium tro see a movie. We're both fairly intelligent people but we could not figure out how to order a freakin movie ticket. We solicited some help from the ajusi behind us, and he informed us he didn't know either. Well then how will you buy your ticket??? ANyway, it was a nice day out so we started walking. We stumbled upon this gorgeous park and then strolled down the Han for a couple hours. It was a lovely afternoon on the river!! Then found this sick all you can eat sushi place in Hongdae (where he lives. It's nice having a post in Itae and now one in Hongdae!!!) and went out. Hongdae is an area we usually frequent on Saturday nights and almost always assures that you won't get home until after 6am. But Sunday we were mildly well behaved and called it a night at 2. ha.

It's my birthday week!!!! Tonight I tutor til 11 but then newbie and I will celebrate because he can't make the party tomorrow. Does anyone know what we're doing?? Emily's not talking!! I can't wait for the surprise, keep you updated!!

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