Wednesday, July 7, 2010

some updates

So as I mentioned, I have killed my computer so it's been a bit difficult to get on and update. But here are some highlights from the past week:

1. Teddy (little nightmare kid but is so freakin cute) from my youngest class (1st graders) looks up at me the other day and says, "Teacher, may I go to the pencil please?" hahahhahaha. Sunny and I just about died. I keep teaching them "may i go to the bathroom please" and "may i have a pencil please." Guess he couldn't keep it straight.

2. Yesterday we had open class in which parents are invited to come sit in on a class. From what I hear this is a big deal at some schools, but mine was very laid back. I planned a couple of activities, but nothing too far out of the norm. Poor new teacher Marcus had to teach it and it's only his second week at the school!

For homework on Tuesday night I made my 3rd and 4th classes (older kids who I like best) write the following and sign it:

1. I will be ontime tomorrow
2. I will do my homework
3. I will be on my best behavior
4. If I do the above, I have earned myself a party on Wednesday, July 14th, 2010

haha I was going to have a party anyway for my birthday but I figure I may as well make them work for it. They all know its my birthday and keep asking what I want; diamonds chocolate and cash, of course. I have a few kids promising chocolate :)

So I ask Simon, from 3rd class, if his uncle will be coming for open class. His uncle is a professional soccer player for FC Busan. He's like, "No, you lika my uncle." "Yes!!" He's says the uncle can't make it but he'll bring me his signature for my birthday...he brought it in yesterday!! How sweet is that!?

Open class went really well though. The kids all participated and it was cool to be able to chat with some (very limitedly) of the parents. The day just flew by, and the kids were good so party on! And Bryan's mom brought me a box of Dunkin Donuts, asa!

3. Ms. Han cooked me dinner last night. We've been trying to do this for sometime, but something always came up. So she picked me up and went to the grocery store together. The I went to her house and hung out with her 2 kids, 14 and 12, while she cooked. She said next time we'll cook together. But the 14 year old was quite chatty and wanted to know a lot about America, so starting next Friday I'm going to private tutor him. Awesome!

Ms. Han has a super cute apartment, she kept apologizing for how normal and messy it was. It wasn't. It's definitley one of the nicer korean apartments I have seen. Then we all sat down, her, her husband, 2 kids and me, and ate. She had homemade kimchi (3 kinds) from her mother in law, and she made chamchi kimchi jiggae (tuna kimchi soup, yum!), dakdoritang (spicy chicken soup), and bulgogi (sweet beef with onions). It was all soo good. She's like, "This is all normal stuff for dinner. Next time we'll do something more special." Trust me Ms, Han, this was plenty special to me!!! Her mother-in-law also made her own gochujang (spicy red pepper paste) and she gave me some and some seaweed to take home. I love this woman soo much. She's so warm and inviting and her family is just as awesome.

She drove me back to Jongno (way out of the way) so I could take a bus home and promised next time they do a picnic in the park that I can come!!! What a sweet heart!

4. Next Wednesday is my birthday if you didn't pick up on that!! Emily is planning my birthday dinner/going out and I have no idea what it is. She sent out invite apparently, but no one's talking. So I am pretty pumped!

I'll keep you updated on that one. And if you want to send diamonds, choc or cash, please don't hesitate

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