Saturday, April 2, 2011

Do you wanna small face?

Last week Brooke left Seoul to go back to the states and this week, well tomorrow, Krissy returns. This means awesome work schedule for me. Monday 10-12. Finishy. Tues/Thurs 11-12 and 7-8. Finishy. Wednesday 10-12, 1:30-3:30, and 4:30-6:30. Finishy. Friday 2-8. Ahh long day! This means I have primo studying time!! All day Monday, and a 7 hour break Tues/Thurs.

Last Thursday Ms. Han, Terry, and I went out to an amazing lunch in Jongno (near where I tutor them at a coffee shop). I got fish baby soup (al tang) and before the soup even came you got sushi, sashimi salad, mackrel over radish (awesome!), and the usual sides of kimchi and whatnot. Then Ms. Han informs me that'd she'd like to drink magkeolli with me. No problemo! And I scored Paul an invite so he can meet the infamous Ms. Han. He'll be a couple hours late so we'll probably be pretty magkeolli-faced by the time he does meet her. ha.

Friday evening and I met my old co-worker Sunny (one of 3 old co-workers Sunny) for dinner. We went to this awesome little German place in Gangnam where they had awesome beers (a rarity if haven't already heard me bitch about this) and flat bread pizza-y thing. Yum. It was awesome to catch up and she even hooked me up with one of her friends for tutoring. Then I call Paul to see where he's at. Homo hill, of course. It has recently occured to me that most of my friends left here are gay. Acutally, I think all of them are except Krissy. I've been on Homohill every weekend for the past month! Homohill is beside Hooker Hill in Itaewon. Once you pass all of the hookers and tranny hookers, you make your way up the hill to a row of 6 or so gay bars. There's a lot of sparkles and dancing going on. In a country that doesn't acknowledge gay people, there sure are a bunch of em. So, I go meet Paul who is out with 6 of our friend's and he's the only straight one. Paul has no problems with this, but some drunk old ajusi has not stopped groping him since they got there. As soon as I walk in Paul grabs me and makes me sit on his lap. haha just so there's no confusion about gender preference. The Hills is definitely the best place to go for dancing!

So now it's Saturday, Paul's out on a date with Derrick to the War Museum, and I am at Latte King "studying." Well I was until I started this. The new, new Phillies opens tonight. There are 4 bars in HBC, but we only go to 2; Phillies and HBC. They both decided to shut down the same week for rennovations, so we've been heading up the street to the Local, which is surprisingly awesome, albeit very very small. So tis quite exciting to have Phillies back, it's the go to for lazy nights.

Oh so randomly here's an ad that makes me laugh:

Did you know Korea is the best place to go for cosmetic surgery? Not only do they do a good job, but it's cheap. This is a direct result from the fact that Koreans are very vein. They want to look Wesstern (small face) so it is very very very common to get work done here. Usually eyes and chin. I am not judging, for I too, gave participated in the vanity. Can we say fake teeth?

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