Thursday, April 28, 2011

Reality Check

As I went for my weekly run this afternoon, I had one of those "oh shit" moments. Not in a bad way, just a Woah-way. I ran, then walked (it's a freakin mountain! c'mon) and just looked around at all of the flowers, trees, hundreds of Korean hikers in fluorescent, and I realized in one month, one week and two days, this will all be over! I may not ever come back here- ever. I certainly want to, but it's not like the US where I know I'll be back. Weird.

Anyway, Tuesday was a nice day with Ms. Han and Mr. Pang. We had a lovely lunch and chatted about the seminar, which Mr. Pang had to miss because he was on vacation in China. Today it was just Ms. Han and I. We wrote the usual emails, she told me if she didn't have kids she would have been out of her marriage years ago, and then we went to lunch. Which was awesome. Naemul, which literally translates to vegetables, was 4 sides of veggies, soybean soup, oysters and a whole fish. Ms. Han told me I must come back with Paul for magkeolli. Add it on the list. Apparently Mr. Pang is facing litigation due to patent infringement, so he will no longer join our class. So instead Ms. Han and I are meeting Wednesday nights at 7! I smell magkeolli.

Tonight class is cancelly! Woohoo- then next week there's Children's Day and the week after some other holiday. Extra full days of studying- woohoo! So night I'm going to meet my friend Kyla for rolls and wine. This will be the first time, in get this, 3 days I am consuming alcohol. I can't even tell you the last time I went more than 2 days. Let's call this India prep. Speaking of, tomorrow is shot day! Every Friday Paul and I check another thing off our check list-this week it's malaria, tetnus and whatever else. Oh and we just bought Lonely Planet's for Nepal and India. I flipped through it and it's totally gotten me more pumped to wade through some trash and see some elephants and rhinos. Apparently dead people float down the Ganges while you bathe in it. Sounds fun, no!?

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