Sunday, April 17, 2011

Cherry Blossom Bye Linn!

Twas a lovely weekend in the Cheon! Friday evening I met Derrick and went to a magazine launch party. There's this tiny (I'm talking 10x10) gallery up the street run by foreigners for foreigners. It's pretty much the only culture in HBC. So they recently put together a magazine with photos, poems, prose etc. So we went to the launch. There were maybe 30 people, 15 of which could be inside, and 15 of which were forced to stand out in the street. We all hang out in the streets anyway (Club FM= Family Mart convenience store where everyone pregames) but I guess we annoyed the police. They drove by once and gestured for us to back out of the street. ha that's about the extent of police control here! Anyway, there was wine and cheese and lots of hipsters. They must be new to the hood because it used to be all Canadians.

I went to bed early, because that's what I do now, and then woke up bright and early Saturday to post up at Latte King. Latte King is an awesome little coffee shop up the street. Previously the only reason I came here was to get Kahlua coffees, but now I just get my Americano and watch CFA videos. Which I watched 4 hours of Saturday morning! Post-study sesh, I head up the street for a friends going away party. Linn is dating, I think still?, Jodie, so Jodie hosted an awesome pot-luck on her patio. Well I guess it's more of an open air garage, but who has a car here!? Surprisingly everyone brought something.
Paul, Derrick and I brought Pizza School pizzas, but other people brought mac and cheese, linguini, pesto, chicken, Paris Baguette selections, and the best of all red velvet cake from Craftworks. Yum was it good!! It was a perfect afternoon among friends. The night obviously led to some dancing, but come 12 I was pretty beat from studying/drinkings/sunning.

Sunday am wake up early again with plans to study, but it's too nice a day! Paul and I started walking and got an amazing lunch of daegutang, which is a codfish soup. Then we subbed it down to Yeouido and made our way through the thousands of people enjoying the cherry blossoms. This is peak week, and the weather was absolutely perfect, so the park was CROWDED!
We found some swan paddle boats to rent, and paddled for an hour, walked all afternoon, and finally made it back to Itaewon for a lovely galbi dinner. We're definitely trying to soak as much of Korea in as possible in these next two months. Wish I wasn't studying....

Here it is Monday again, rainy, but I don't have to work the morning kindy! Woohoo for field trips or whatever it is they're doing today. I really really dislike teaching the kindies. They're super cute one on one, but 25 on one, not so much. Only one more month. Tonight I am going down to blowfish people's aunt's house to tutor her 6 year old Hanna. We had just started classes when I had to sub for Krissy, so I had to cancel, but now we're back on! She's super cute and really likes me! So yeah, one hour of work today at 6. And I'm already 2 CFA videos down :)

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