Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter at The Opera

After an especially boozey, although still early, Saturday, I woke up early and hit the coffee shop to watch the last installment of Equity Valuations. Exciting I know. I had a difficult time even copying the slides from the video, so after it finished I decided that was enough of studying for the day. And it was, after all, a holiday.

So I go home and Paul, Dave and I cook up a lovely Easter brunch. Dave made eggs, I made french toast and Paul made "bloody mary's." I put it in quotation marks because the tomato juice you can get here is just that, juice. It's not tomatoey as much as it is sweet. Weird, but we take what we can get.
If you haven't noticed I;ve been on a bit of a french toast kick lately. There are two reasons for this. First, while looking through our pantry the other day I noticed a can, yes CAN, of syrup. The label was in both French and English which leads me to believe it's Candadian. Neither Dave or I are Canadian, so the origin and age remain a mystery. The second reason for the FT action, is the new bakery up the street. It's super close, they don't add milk or sugar to their breads, and the bread is super delish! So yeah, FT will continue till that can is empty. I think we got a good 3 more rounds left in her.

That was entirely too much detail about syrup. And french toast. And Canada. Then it was opera time! Paul and I got pretty dressed up and took the bus (in heels!) to the Sejong Center in Gwanghamun to see Tosca. Paul and I had never been to an opera and we didn't know much about it, so we went in with pretty open minds. Oh and an open purse. Our dear friend Derek left a bottle of Absolut for us Saturday night. Even post-bloody mary's there was some left so we made purse drinks- vodka cran. Just tryin to keep it classy.

We enter the theater, get our opera glasses, and go to the usher. She immediately gets on her walkie-talkie and whispers, "wayguken." (foreigner). We hear this, pretend not to, and wait until the next woman grabs us and takes us to our seats, which were pretty decent. The theater was pretty full and I don't think there was really a bad seat in the house.

So the cast is totally Korean, singing in Italian, and the monitors can be set to English or Korean. We're the only foriegners there, so it was a sea of Hanguel monitors before us. I really enjoyed the play! Then they broke out intermission 1/3 of the way through- kind of odd. We came back in, enjoyed some more purse drink, and sad to say about a half hour into the second half I totally fell asleep. I woke up early, was kind of hungover, and drank a substantial amount while in the dark. I suppose it was bound to happen. Paul really enjoyed it, and we're both looking forward to seeing another one. I'll try to stay awake this time.

As for now, no drinks til Thursday

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