Monday, April 11, 2011

spring is finally upon us!

The weather has consistently been up in the 60s, woohoo! It has been getting cold at nights, but at least now I can walk around in the day sans North Face.

I ended up not meeting Ms. Han on Friday. Her friend cancelled and I had to work late, but I did help her with some signs for a jewelry show via the phone. She also cancelled classes all week so she can get ready for the show. I really want to go and she said she'd get me tickets, but it doesn't look like I'll see her before then. Bummer. I hope she's feeling better this week!

I renig what I previously said about the creepy Russian place. I now love it!! After a lovely Indian dinner with Paul and Derek, we all head back to the hood for a couple beers. Derek had to say goodbye early- he lives in the Boonies and had a ride- so Paul and I decided to give Russia another chance because they had some interesting looking beers. Interesting is right! Again, this place is tiny. The Russians were all sitting at the bar (ie 3 people and it was full) so they ushered us upstairs to a loft!
It was like being at a sleepover at a cool kid's house. There was a little table on the floor and mats with backs to sit on.
We each ordered different beers. Paul got a lighter one that tasted like honey and I got a dark one. Probably the best beer I have ever had....well certainly in Asia. Who knew the Russians drank anything other than vodka? No me, my friend.
As we were extolling our compliments to the owners (Russian woman, White dude) they mentioned they were opening Siberia; The Restaurant across the street. The one we were in is only Sibera; The Cafe. They invited us to the grand opening next Saturday and promised free food, and get this, vodka. They said there are some government/zoning problems with handing out free booze, but where there's a will there's a way.

So that was Sunday funday. Well not really so much fun now because I have studying to do. Both Saturday and Sunday Paul and I spent studying/job hunting in cafes. Saturday night we were invited by a friend to bbq in Sincheon. We show up to a crowded table, the inviter wasn't even there, and everyone kind of half-assed shuffled around pretending we could fit. Pass. We'll go somewhere else. So we went to our own, probably much better, bbq place then met for beers at Beer OClock. Then we hit FF's in Hongdae for some live bands. Korean bands are fun, especially when it's all you can drink cocktails from 11-12.
I wasn't a huge fan of their chasers so I was basically taking shots of rail gin and vodka. Not smart. I don't recall leaving FFs (which I was told was at 12- ha!) but I do remember the raging headache the next morning. No more liquor. The soju with dinner probably didn't help either.

Anyway, it's Monday. Work, study, work, study. Seems to be the schedule these days. Today I only work 10-12, so I studied at Dunkin Donuts for an hour, came home got my computer and went to the library for an hour (CFA video watching) then hiked Namsan. I am currently roasted kamboucha squash (we call it pumpkin here) in the oven to have for lunch this week and am about to go clean some squid. I'm making pasta with a squid/tomato sauce. Yum!

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