Tuesday, April 20, 2010

another tuesday down

Just got back from some tutoring. It's so much better than teaching at a hagwan!! I love my privates!

Tomorrow is a big day. I'm waking up early, 9:42, to go get new (men's) shoes, as my current ones have caused an injury. Well, I'm guessing it's from the shoes. I got back from an 11k this morning and I can barely walk on my left foot. My arch is killing, which I have never experience before, so I'm thinking it must be from lack of arch support in my cheap Adidias. Nike fancy shoes tomorrow! Then I have to go to school early to finish grading exams from today, which is a total joke. The range from best to worst score is like 5 points out of 50. The parents get annoyed if their kid isn't doing well, and as a result, will pull their kid from our program. So as a teacher I must give a good grade. Why even test, you ask. Because we have to send something home to the parents showing how smart their child is. Yeah, same same at every school, we "teach" for the parents. Anyway, I also need to print business articles to bring to my new class and prepare an hour of conversation. Then I have to book it out of school right when I finish, 5:05, run to the subway, and try to get to the new job as close to 6 as possible. If I get there at 6 they'll give me dinner. Problem is, the last time I went from there to school it took over an hour. I'm hoping because it's rush hour I won't have to wait long for connections. Here's hoping.

So yeah, tomorrow is basically the busiest day ever. ha. Sad how the definition of busy in my life has changed in the past year. Happy Hump Day!

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