Thursday, April 22, 2010

blue shoes

I love my new shoes.

Wednesay AM I got up early and walked over to Itaewon, walked into a few shoe shops and finally made my way into Nike after nothing stuck me. As I may have mentioned, I can't buy shoes here. I wear a 260 and women's shoes cut off at 250, hence my shitty men's Adidas sneakers. So this time I figured I would go all out with the men's shoes. Top o the line baby. An older gentleman approached me and told me women's shoes were upstairs...I know, I know, I've tried, no dice. So we started looking at men's shoes and I explained my foot hurts and I'm running a 1/2 marathon so I need GOOD shoes. He finds a couple pairs and brings em back. He starts asking me how he could start racing. Then he starts asking me about my job. English teacher blah blah. This sparks his interest. He has a high school aged son who could use some tutoring. Asa! We find a sick pair of blue, dare I call them socks-with-soles, and I decide I neede a Nike bracelet. It tells you how fast you go and how far; it's awesome! And it's flourescent yellow! He rings me up, gives me 20% off the wristband (50,000 won, soo cheap!), and 10% of my shoes, gives me his card and I give him my number. So not only did I get discounts, shoes, a cool bracelet thing, but I may also get a job from this! Yey for shoe shopping!

Went for a 12k (7.5 miles) run this morning after staying out too late with Tu last night. Tu is a co-worker from PES who's brother has been out here for 2 years teaching. He came for a visit and remembered I was here, so I showed him the Hof scene in the business district where he's staying. Let's just say after many a bottle of Cass and some soju, waking up to run this am was tough, but I did it! I think part of the motivation was my new sick shoes :)

Last night I also had my first business class. I got there and they fed me. It was a cool Korean buffett. There was jajamyeong (which I don't like) kimchi (obviously) veggie sesame salad thing, fried eggs, rice (duh), and an odeng soup. Yum. Then I go to the conference room and 6 of the 9 people showed up for class. They're all considerably older than myself and have awesome names like Tornado and Snake. haha I thought the elementary kids were bad! They were all really sweet though and it was fun. Next week it'll be less social and more down to business.

It's ladies' night in Itaewon. Free drinks at Bricx and the Loft and 1,000 won rail drinks at Naked. Hm what do you think the chances for an 8 mile run tomorrow???

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