Tuesday, April 27, 2010

korean 6th sense

After an exhausting five day work week it was time for another weekend in the hood. My co-worker from PES was still out so we grabbed dinner and drinks in Sincheon on Friday, and called it a relatively early night (2:30).

The next morning I am awoken (after a fail at waking up for a run) to Emily and Sarah banging on my door. It's absolutely gorgeous out and we're going to the pool. Now I have probably mentioned the Hamilton pool in previous posts. Problem is it doesn't open until Buddha's birthday, May 21st, quite a popular holiday here. So in dire need of tan, Sarah sought out a make-shift; The Dragon Hill Spa. This place is super close to our house (and Emart!) and is a spa so not too many people know about it. Drawback; children. People here love to bring their kids to the spa. I don't get it. Either way, we all got lounge chairs and laid out all day!! They have their outdoor pool opened 365 days a year and keep it heated to 98.6 degrees, not that I went anywhere near the water. It was warm enough to lay in the sun, but not warm enough to be wet in the sun.

After some fun in the sun, Emily and I went to meet Dave in Hongdae to see some live bands. We were supposed to go a few weeks ago and i got vetoed and pitched a bit of a fit, so Dave promised to make it up to me. Ohhh my these bands were amazing!!!!! I love Korean rock music. We're at this hole in the wall bar (FFs; remember my pole dancing head injury, that was upstairs!?) where a band played for 30 mins, break, new band. It started out ok, but by the time band 3 or 4 was on they were actually really good. One dude took his shirt off and started throwing water on himself. All of the girls there (we were basically the only foreigners there) started yelling, in English, "Take off your pants!" Ohhh Korean bands rock. I am definitely going to make a big effort to see more live shows.


So now for a bitchfest. I have been running roughly 5 times a week. I'm not to where I need to be, but I still have a month or so. Anyway, I am 100% convinced that ajuma have a 6th sense. They can feel me coming up from behind them and they strategically position themselves to get to a place where it will most inconvenience/annoy me. I swear it. At first I would kind of just curse or grumble, but I'm sick of it, and you know what, my elbows are sharp too. I bum rush these ladies. They don't like it, get out my way!!!! After adopting this attitude I have noticed people have gotten out of my way more. I don't know if it's because I do he same route everyday and they know me now, or if I'm just getting better at avoiding people, but I have definitely run into significantly less Koreans in the past week. Go me.

Bitchfest point #2. Where the hell is spring!!!??? Saturday and Sunday were lovely!!! It finally hit 70 and what did it do yesterday? Got to a high of 50 and rained all day. Running was out so obviously I hit up H for a Megkeolli Monday with the crew. Then today it was the windiest day I have ever seen. I went for my standard 10k in the morning and there were points where I wasn't moving because the wind was blowing so hard against me. I WANT THE 80s!!! Where's summer? This is the worst winter/unseasonability Korea has seen ever. Why did it wait for me to come here? Couldn't it have been unseasonably WARM? It it too much to ask?


Stacy and Scott are coming! Mom and Dad are coming! I'm going to book my summer vacation, a 3 day weekend to China and Japan, and my flight home in September! Yey for exciting updates to come!

This Friday Funday I am off to Seocho. I spelled that wrong. That's beside the point. I am going to wake up super early Friday and take a 2 hour bus to the Eastern shore, where I will spend the day on the beach. i'm going to tour a bit, tan, eat some delicious seafood, and head on home. Should be a lovely little day. Hopefully the weather will be nice. I suppose that's asking too much, huh?

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