Monday, April 19, 2010

spring, where are you?

Another cold weekend in Seoul. What else is new? Will spring ever arive in Korea? I'm beginning to have my doubts. Forecast:

T- 66 (woohoo) rain
W- 56 rain
T- 55 rain
F- 55 rain
S- 60 sunny (hopefully this trend will continue!)

Anyway. After a lovely day of hiking on Friday I get a call from some recruiter who got my name. We were supposed to meet on Saturday AM because he was unexpectedly called to Busan on Friday. Instead I get a spazzed call from Mr. Thomas at 7 asking if I can meet him in 30 minutes. I had just gotten out of the shower and was getting ready to go out so my immediate reaction was "No!" Then I thought about it, 30 mins with the guy now, or getting up at 10 to meet him at 11 tomorrow. Tonight won. So I walk over to Itaewon and meet him or coffee. His English is pretty terrible and we have some difficulty understanding each other, but the basic point was "what's your schedule and how often are you willing to work." I agreed to a position for a machinery company where I will teach 5-7 adults on a weekly basis; Wednesdays from 6:30-8 (but it's an hour away). If they like me I will also start working Monday nights. Back to Friday night...

I went over to my neighbor Emily and Liz's for a sangria party. Krissy and I had pregames pretty hard, so by the time we got to the party, had some sangria and people wanted to go out, I said no dice. I went home and hung out with my roommates before they went out, then I hit my bed. This was a brilliant idea. I got a solid 11 hours of sleep and then decided to take my first long long run. My friend Ted had agreed to come along with me to Yeoido (cheery blossom festival on the river) and hang out while I ran. At first I was sore and tired from hiking, but I keep yelling at myself and coaxing myself "just keep going. one more mile. one mile is nothing." (in my head, not out loud. Im not that crazy) and I ended up running a full 60 minutes!!! which I estimate to be about 12km. Yey!!! Now I just have to double that and I'll be good to go for June :)

Sunday Funday. We (the usual brunch crowd) decided that we simply must try the brand new restaurant in HBC, La Vert. It opened a week or so again and I've been dying to try it. It looks French country with a twist of Italy and I was told by the owner that he made everything himself. So Sunday am I sent out a mass text and told everyone to meet at 1 at La Vert. I got a hand full of responses and our original group consisted of me, Emily, Krissy, Darren, Carolann and her boy-dare-i-say-it- Friend. We all ordered as we figured out what we wanted and as people strolled in a few minutes late. And thank god because they took forever to get the food out!! It was amazing though and so worth the wait. I joke that I moved to HBC for Indigos, if that's the case, I'm staying for La Vert. They had real bread, real eggs benedict!, good sides and didn't skimp on the portion, and all the brunches come with a coffee Americano. Where does that ever happen in Korea? (FYI coffee is usually $3/4 here). They messed up Darren's coffee order and caught wind it was his birthday the day before, so they brought out a waffle plate for the table. Waffles, whipped cream, kiwi, strawberries, and bananas. It was divine. More people strolled in. We pulled Adam off the street, Julio and friend came, Sarah and Nicole eventually made it, and after 4 hours of brunching Vic and Val made an appearance. i Guess because we were there so long the owner sent our entire group a free round of beer. I love this guy and I love this place.

Ugh but after a Sunday Funday is always a Miserable Monday. I had to get up at 9 to meet my recruiter again. I wasn't totally sure why we were meeting, but figured it couldn't take more than 30 mins. Plenty of time to go back to sleep before work. Wrong!!! I left the house with no makeup, same clothes from Sunday (because they were still on the floor!), no bra, and absolutely nothing in my purse but my wallet and phone. I get to the subway and Mr. Thomas starts going down. "We are we going?" I inquire. "To the company." Shit. He's taking me an hour away to meet the boss at the company I will work at. Ahhh. The meeting was fine, lasted all of 10 mins, then I had to rush to get the train to work. I went straight from the subway to work, in my state of disarray, picked up a kimbap, and taught. I'm soo tired. Went for a short, fast, run, and now plan on sitting on the couch/my bed, all night!!!

This week is going to be nuts:
Tues- school 2-5, privates 7-10, home at 11
Wed- school 1-5, company 6:30-8, home at 9:30
Thurs- school 2-5, friend from PES is visiting
Fri!- school 1-5.

That's right, I'm working a 5 day work week. Kill me now, I don't know if I'll make it! But Ben (English co-teacher) is getting married on Saturday, so I figured I would be nice and cover for him. And he's covering for me on a Monday for my race in June. This whole working thing will definitely be good for cutting back on my drinking! Wish me luck this week!

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