Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter in the HBC

I have just, in the past 20 minutes, decided that I am definitely going to run a half marathon June 13th on Jeju Island.

How was Easter in the states?? This is my first Easter in 5 years that I haven't spent it with Concetta!! I miss my Chetta Easter! Easer Korea style is a little different than home. Firstly, Koreans don't care. People go to church (Christianity is the #1 religion here) but no one seems to care about holidays. Christmas was no big deal, and so it goes with Easter. But obviously the foreigners will use any excuse to throuw a party. My friends English Jo and Australian Renee hosted an Eater flat crawl. We started on Saturday at 2 at our local HBC go-to bar, Phillies. We all had a couple drinks, were broken into teams, read the rules, and sent on our merry little way. I was team captain of the SHeep. We had Emily, Darren, Carolanne, Emily (2), Bradley, and Derek. Much like the scavenger hunt at the airforce base, we went from apartment to apartment through HBC performing tasks for points. We had an egg pong tourney (throw as many eggs into water cups as you can in 20 mins), an egg hunt, pin the nose on thebunny, egg on spoon challenge, subservient chicken (kind of like playing dare-pick crd out of a hat and do the task), and the most fun which consisted of using only your nose to roll an egg into a tape square. It was much harder than it looked!

we didn't end up winning, but it was an absolute blast. And, of course, I rocked my Jesus Says Keep On Pimping shirt for the 5th year in a row. What a great purchase from the market in England!!

Hope you all had a great Easter! On actual Easter day, a few of the girls and I went to a delicious brunch at Noxa (a first) then watched a 5 hour marathon of Real Housewvies of NYC. What a great show! This week it's just back to the grind. Got up and ran this morning, plan on doing a 10k tomorrow morning; it'll be the first time since my race in February that I ran that distance, so wish me luck!

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