Friday, April 9, 2010

cross training

After an especially saucy Thursday, I woke up this morning with a hurting head and an empty stomach. It's 9:30 on a Friday and I don't have to work. I don't even wake up this early when I do have to work. But my stomach said no, eat. So after I ate some tteokbokki, which I had bought the night before and put in the fridge for some reason (yey to not drunk eating), I couldn't fall back to sleep. I had to go to immigration anyway, so I figured I'd get it out of the way. I was nervous about going because I wasn't sure if they had accepted all of my documents, but being super tired and hungover eased those nerves, I was doing all I could to keep my eyes open!

[side note: I was at Sam Ryan's last night at 9pm. I get a phone call from Martin Student. Hmmm what could he want? I answer "Hello Lauren teacha. What was our homework today?"

"Yes Martin, study. You have a word test tomorrow."

"Asa, so no real homework." and he hung up. haha he doesn't ever do his homework. He just wanted to chat on Thursday night with his teacha!]

I get there after a freakin 40 minute subway ride, get a number, I'm next, get my passport and ARC back. Yey! Legal again. And it was super easy, no hassle, no exchange of words, she just handed it to me and walked away. Asa!

So I'm about ready to pass out but it's absolutely gorgeous out, so I want to be outside. I tke the train to Yeoido which is an area of town right on the river and only 5 subway stops from where I am. I had brought a blanket (stolen from a plane) so I curled up in the grass, in the sun, along the river, and had a wonderful two hour nap! Then I ate my weight in sweet potato filled waffle bites (yum!! I'm addicted) and so I felt I needed to do something. I saw tons of people on these silly bikes with big baskets so I figured the rental was was! For a mere 3,000 won an hour, that bike is yours! I cruised up the river, I cruised down the river, I cruised all over in that hour. I haven't been on a bike since DC, so it was great to get out and go. I miss my Schwinn. Steve, you better be taking good care of her!

Then I decide it's getting late I should head home. I start walking without really knowing where i was trying to go. I knew I didn't want to get on the subway. i hate the subway. I'd much rather find a bus. I know Norianjin is close, but it's across a highway. I end up walking for like an hour before I could cross, I found a bus, and got dropped in Sinyongsan; right outside my favoritist place in Korea; Emart! Emart is the Wholefoods (although only a small organic section) of Korea. I go many a time for a free lunch. There are samples of everything. You start with tofu, mushrooms, and usually a pajeon of some sort. Then move to the fish; then meat (which I skip), to the banchan bar. This is my favorite. It's all of the spicy sides I love and there's a ton of them. Then the bakery and onto frozen foods where it's all mandu (dumplings). Then onto dairy for "cheese" [read: Kraft singles] and milk and yogurt. Then the best part. Wine tasting. 50% of the reason I go to Emart is for the samples, but 50% is for their good wine selection. Today they had 9 different wines to sample. I think you're supposed to pick one from a table to try, but hey I'm a foreigner, I don't knwo the rules, I want to try all of them!! And then I found Stump Jump. It was a wine I used to drink all the time at Matchbox. So not only am I full, I know have some great wine. 30 minute walk home from there and the day is gone. Where does time go?

I had a realization while I was doing all of these touristy things by myself on a Friday afternoon; this is exactly the time to do all of the touristy stuff! No crowds, no opinions, just me and what I want to do. So from now on every Friday I will pick a new destination to go check out on my own. Especially because Ms. Han has blown me off the past 2 Fridays!!

I have no school on Monday which is awesome. The crappy part is that I didn't realize until last week. I could be in Japan right now. Next time. Since there are no holidays in March the school just takes an arbitrary day off. Have I told you I love my job? Because it's amazing. So I'm thinking I may go out to the mountains and take a hike. Tonight I'm bowling with Krissy and the boys (another first in Korea) then tomorrow going to a baseball game with Emily and her new interest Bradley (see subservient chicken on fb). Then Sunday I'm doing to see a documentary about women's rights in Korea through the past 50 years. haha shockingly no one wants to go see that with me...another solo

Time to bowl. Peace

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