Tuesday, May 17, 2011

I Can See!

Today I head over to Namdaemun market which is just a cluster-fuck (for lack of better words) of crap. There's cheap clothes, fake anything you could ever want, foreign food, Oriental medicine, whatever random thing you want, Namdaemun's got it. So on my rommate Dave's recommendation I head over in search for glasses. Somewhere between graduating college and now I have become blind. I blame computers and the CFA program. I can see close up just fine, but as soon as I'm 10 ft away from something, it blurs.

So I push through the 8 billion people in the market on a Tuesday afternoon, do we not have jobs people?, and walked into the first glasses store I see...blurrily. I ask for an eye exam and the guy points to a seat. Maybe this is common knowledge, but I haven't been to an optician in years, maybe 15, man has technology changed! I put my eyes up to this machine, in the left eye I see a little house. It gets blurry, then clear, blurry, clear, then switches to the other eye. This all takes place within seconds, and then a receipt is printed from the machine with my diagnosis! Amazeballs!! Then it comes down to it. How much? He walks me across the store to a whole case of glasses, says "here's the cheap ones. 30,000." Each!??? Each. So I got 2, only had 53,000 won in my pocket, so he said deal! 30 minutes later I wore them out of the store. Beat that America.

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