Monday, May 9, 2011

One Month

from today and Paul and I are leaving Seoul. That's right, just one month til Malaysia, India, Nepal....and eventually Hong Kong! Woohoo! Just heard from Paul's school that they want him to come a little early for training (school starts September 1st) so we booked our tickets last night to Hong Kong. Nepal---->HK August 14th!

It's been a lovely few days in the hood, that is, until today! It's pouring out! Last weekend was World DJ fest which was being hosted about an hour outside Seoul, so a bunch of our buddies booked it over there for the weekend, leaving Paul and I pretty much deserted in Seoul. Apparently not completely because we stumbled upon a lovely International Festival up near City Hall and went both days! They had some tents set up to promote various countries, and some live performances (most of which were too loud to get even close to) but the best part was the food tents. I think they had tents for over 100 different countries; Afghanistan to Zambia. The best food Paul and I got were salmon sandwiches from Norway, Austrian beers, Greek Ouzo (for a dollar!) and pitas/chicken kabobs. There was all sorts of stuff there. Really, twas quite interesting.

Paul thinks he got food poisoning from going out to eat with his teachers Friday night, so he wasn't feeling great all day. Saturday night was amazing. We went home, had a couple glasses of wine and watched No Strings Attached, which for the record, is pretty cute. No bars, no hangover, nice-uh!

I am almost finished studying!! Well doing my once through. This week I will finish all my class videos, going through the study books and their problems, then it's full on into review mode. Bring on the practice tests.

Just a random tidbit. I happened to notice my first blog post for The Thirty Eighth Parable was June 12, 2009. In a weird twist of life, June 12th, 2011, is the day that Paul and I fly into Bangalore. Weird how much different my life is now from 2 years ago! In light of moving countries, I have decided once I leave Korea, I will put TEP to bed. Don't worry, the blogging fun wont end there, I will create a new blog for my new life in Hong Kong.


I want it to have something to do with HK, something to do with the fact it's about stories from my life, or just sound cool. Please let me know any suggestions you may have. All 4 of you who read this blog. :) xoxo

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