Thursday, May 12, 2011

India's Comin Along

Looks like we're almost set for the big 10 week trip across India/Nepal. Our visas are being processed, we're going for our final two shots tomorrow, we're getting a mosquito net from base, and we've pretty much bought everything we need except toiletries, which Paul and I intend to do this Sunday. I just want to pack and put it aside and not worry about it until we leave! Everything going into that bag will certainly not be worn here, and it will certainly not make it out of Nepal. I figure after 2 months in the same 3 outfits, I'll probably be ready to burn it all.

Less than a month until my India diet begins! I have this suspicion that Paul and I are going to walk out of this trip looking like starving, well, Indians. It's going to be hot, we're walking with heavy packs, and most of all we'll probably be doing a whole lot o' poopin. Everyone I have ever talked to about India talks about how sick they got there. Dehli-belly if you will. Joy. One piece of advice I received was not to eat anything but bananas before a bus/train trip. Thus bus/train trips are what scares me most. I picture you and 500,000 other people crammed into an aircon-less box with no room to move or breathe. Won't that be fun when the curry sets in?

Enough about that. CFA curriculum finishy! Review mode on- and I have know officially quit 3 of 4 jobs. After I get paid on Friday I'll put in my 2/3 weeks notice for the last guy. I feel kind of bad about this one. It's my business class and it's only 2 hours a week, and when I signed the contract (which expires one class after I leave- oops!) my recruiter asked for my Alien card. I told him I didn't have it and I was now a tourist here. He clearly was not pleased by this, but was in a tight position, so after he begged me not to break the contract, let me have the job anyway. At this point I hadn't booked my ticket out, so in theory I could have fulfilled my contract. But, it didn't work out that way. So, yeah a little guilt, but mostly just nerves that they won't pay me what's due. We'll see what they say when I quit :0

This weekend looks to be a fun one. Shots and work followed by galbi dinner tomorrow. Studying and an LG Twins (baseball) game on Saturday evening, studying and "Bloody Bloody Mary" party Sunday afternoon. My friend Brian is hosting brunch with bloody mary's (real one's I presume!) while we watch the first season of True Blood. Same for next Sunday (well Season 2) and then the following Sunday is the premiere. DOn't think I'll make it to that one!!

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