Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Things to Do In Korea Before You Die

Or before your one year contract expires:)

Go to the top of Seoul Tower (check)

Have an over the top seafood extravaganza at the Norianjin Fish Market (check check check check check)

Visit Jeju (check)

Visit Busan (check check)

Visit Sokcho (check check)

Have a beach party at Muido

Tour the DMZ (check)

Have a home cooked Korean meal (check check)

Do a templestay

Have a soju story (too many checks to list)

Visit a cat cafe

Go to a "Multi-room"

Noraebong (you heard my sad story)

Go to the Hamilton Hotel on a sunny Saturday/Sunday (uhhh check)

Get kicked out of Seoul Pub

Do a Han River Boat cruise (quite a few checks here)

Go to a baseball game (check)

Go to the Intercontinental Wine Buffet (ohh you know it)

Go to LotteWorld/Everland/Caribbean Bay/Seoulland

Watch bboys perform (check check)

Spend (insert holiday here) at the Wolfhound (yup)

Eat and drink in Jeonju (yumm!)

Shop in Dongdaemun (always followed with a visit to Everest!)

Drink with the ajusis in a soju tent (a favorite)

Puke somewhere very public (if you've had soju, this is a check)

Buy jewelry in Jongno

Visit the temples/palaces in City Hall (I think I did once)

Dr. Fish (too many times to count)

Go to the top of Building 63 (check)

Pass out somewhere public (guilty: bar)

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