Sunday, May 29, 2011

Playing Tourist With My Korean Mom

After a fun night at the food stall, Saturday was time to study. Took 1/2 a practice test, 66%, then met Paul and hit the Seoul Pride Parade. It's surprising Seoul even has a pride parade given that there are no gays in Korea. We at least according to Koreans. There was a pretty good turn out, and fun was had by all.

Following the parade was Krissy, Paul and I's going away party at Zelen. It was such a nice night with great friends, food and weather. Summer is here.

Today was amazing. Ms. Han calls me at 10am and asks if I'm free this afternoon for a Seoul bus tour. Of course I am!! Paul and I met her and her family in Gwanghamun, took a bus around upper Seoul and stopped at a palace. In my almost 2 years here I have been to only one of the many palaces, so it was great to go and see with a Korean family who could help me understand the history a little more. We fed fish, took pictures, explored a bonsai arboretum and played with her kids. She is always so supportive and proud of Korea, and we always have such a blast. After the tour we go out for samgyetong. I had never had it before, so again, a new experience. It's chicken ginseng soup- good for health. We ate, walked, and parted ways. I'm going to miss my Ms. Han :(

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