Wednesday, May 4, 2011

I'm on Vacation...

Only no one told me til it's too late! Yesterday I had my one business class cancel on me, so I decided to head up the KINTEX, the location of my CFA test, to look for a hotel. Apparently, thousands of Koreans take the CFA. According to 2007 stats, 4,500 applicants took it in Korea, and guess what, they all take it at the same place. This year they decided to move the location from outside Seoul to stupid Ilsan. I took the subway to the end of the line (~1/5 hours) and looked for a hotel, because god knows I'm not doing this 6am on test day. I must have gone into 10 different hotels, all quite a walk from the site, and not one would reserve me a room. They'd hand me a business card and said to call. WTF!?

Whatever, booked it out of there ASAP. This morning I take my usual hour commute out to my morning kindy only to be told upon arrival, "Special day, no class. No one tell you?!" No, no one tell me!!! I made the best of it and took an hour walk and toured the Olympic Park which I had never seen. Text:" No class today, see you next week." Ms. Han cancely. I found out yesterday that I wouldn't have my 1:30-3:30 class because Lucy is out of town. So I get to BHive at 3:30 (an hour early) to study and prepare. Text to Jay boss: "My teacher suddenly died, I have to go to the funneral." ~Jessie, my only class of the day. Did I mention tomorrow's Children's Day, so no school! That's a 3 day holiday. I could have been in Japan. Or Taiwan, Or the Philippines....

Although I have been busy getting some things checked off my "Shit ton of stuff to do list"

Rain covers for packs.
Passport photos (only after I spent $7 to get the wrong size)
Shots (and appointment for typhoid and yellow fever next Friday)
Hotel for CFA booked (had J boss call and reserve the room...for 77,000 won! geeze)
Quit 2 of 4 jobs

To do:

India Embassy (Friday)
Nepal Embassy (whenever we get our passports back)
ship winter stuff home
ship everything else to HK (which our apt. looks sweet according to the website....if only websites could be trusted)
Take CFA exam and pass
Find a job

My eye's on the prize....slowly closin 'er down....

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